INKCOM is run by Kyla bieger: here is the about page

Hi, I am Kyla Bieger. I am a 17 year old and a senior in high school. Film has always been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I started by making films on iMovie with my neighbors and like most movies made by kids they were long forgotten and disappeared. Ever since then I always wanted to be a director and recently I have started writing my own movies. I have a movie I have always set my goal to. To create that film is the dream but I don't have the skills to create some of the aspects of the movie. Currently I am sticking with more realistically possible short films. I am currently in a film class which is giving me the motivation for this company and my films. I started this up to push my self to success as if I don't start now I probably won't get anywhere.

Inkcom is all about expressing and expanding and I want to create a space where anybody, any age, can start their film career. I hope to make INKCOM a space for many directors and creators to publish. As we grow more about pages will be added, but until then, please enjoy a look into my own mind.